Age: 25 -- AEG: (2016-Current)

Aditya (Adi) Palepu got his introduction to Bhangra in 2010 with Duke Dhamaka, competing at 8 events, including Sin City Bhangra and PCS Chicago, among others. Since joining AEG, he's competed at GOT Bhangra and Bhangra in the Burgh. In addition to the competitive scene, he's performed at various wedding functions and exhibitions throughout the VA and NYC areas. 

Aditya holds a Bachelor's of Science and Engineering in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science from Duke University. He works at DRW in downtown NYC as a quantitative trader/researcher and lives in midtown Manhattan (but for all intents and purposes...Fairfax, VA). In his free time however, he is an enthused programmer, runner, skier, and traveler. The loves of his life include Indian food, anything wrapped in burrito form, all DC-area sports teams ( :( sad life), and of course, Duke basketball.