Age: 24 -- AEG: (2014-Current)

Akash Minocha first began dancing Bhangra in 2012 with NYU Pandemonium as both a dancer and choreographer. After his stint with NYU Pandemonium, Akash began competing with Rutgers Bhangra (RU Bhangra) in 2013 and has competed at over 15 competitions. These include World’s Best Bhangra Crew, Bhangra Fever, Bhangra in the Burgh, Motor City Bhangra, Big Apple Bhangra, and Bhangra Blowout. In 2016, he became one of the captains of Anakh-E-Gabroo (AEG). Akash has choreographed winning bhangra sets which led to three successful placings for AEG at GOT Bhangra Competition, Las Vegas All Stars, and Bhangra in the Burgh. He currently maintains the role of Captain and hopes to choreograph revolutionary Bhangra sets that will lead AEG to more national placings. Outside of Bhangra, Akash holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Rutgers Business School and is an entry level Analyst for JP Morgan Chase. His interests also include Basketball, Punjabi music, and taking his dog (Happy) for long walks in the park.