Age: 19 -- AEG: (2014-Current)

Akshay Minocha first began competing with Rutgers Bhangra (RU Bhangra) in 2014 and has competed at over 10 competitions. These include Big Apple Bhangra, Bhangra in the Burgh, Boston Bhangra, and Bhangra Blowout. Akshay has also danced and successfully placed with AEG in 3 competitions including Nachde Cleveland, GOT Bhangra, and Bhangra in the Burgh. In 2017, Akshay became the captain of the Rutgers University Bhangra Team and hopes to take his collegiate team to many successful placings. On AEG, Akshay has aided in choreographing winning bhangra sets which led to three successful placings for AEG. Outside of Bhangra, Akshay is currently a sophomore at Rutgers University –New Brunswick and is working towards his Economics degree with the hopes of gaining admission to a top dentistry program upon graduation. His interests also include Basketball and Video Games.