Age: 26 -- AEG: (2008-Current)

Ankush Vermani is and always has been a dedicated bhangra dancer, judge, captain, and competition organizer. He first began competing with Anakh-E-Gabroo in 2008 and has competed at over 28 competitions throughout his Bhangra career. In 2011, Ankush became the captain and led his team (AEG) to successful placings at over 12 national competitions including Bruin Bhangra, Boston Bhangra, Bhangra in the Burgh, Big Apple Bhangra, Bhangra Fever, and PCS Chicago. Ankush is one of the founders of the World’s Best Bhangra Crew Competition, a show that has pushed the boundaries of bhangra by establishing the largest international stage for dancers in the world. He currently coaches AEG and judges at various prestigious Bhangra competitions. These judging engagements include Bhangra Blowout, Bruin Bhangra, PCS Chicago, and Buckeye Mela. Outside of Bhangra, Ankush Vermani holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University- Newark and a Master’s of Labor and Employment Law from Rutgers University School of Management & Labor Studies. He is currently a field officer for the U.S Customs and Border Patrol Protection agency. Ankush’s interests also include Basketball, Cricket, and helping coach the next generation of AEG dancers.