AEG member since 2015

Ravinder  Singh Buttar (Ravi) got his introduction to Bhangra in 2015 with Anakh-E-Jawan (AEJ), Anakh-E-Gabroo's junior team. Since then, Ravi has performed at various wedding functions and Bhangra Exhibitions throughout the tri-state area. In 2016 Ravi began his competitive Bhangra career with Anakh-E-Gabroo (AEG). He has danced and placed at 3 competitions. These include Nachde Cleveland, GOT Bhangra, and Bhangra in the Burgh. Outside of Bhangra, Ravi is currently studying at Queens Community College and is working towards his Marketing and Finance degree. His interests also include Punjabi music, Kabbadi, and sports cars.