Age: 22 -- AEG: (2016-Current)

If you ever need a mix that will be sure to wow the crowd and the judges at a Bhangra competition, Sargamjit (Sargam) Sethi is the go to man for your mixing needs. With over 35 Bhangra trophies collected by the various teams who have used his services, Sargam is and has always has been a one of the most sought after DJs in the Bhangra circuit today. Sargam first started making Bhangra mixes in 2008 and since then, he has garnered more than over 500,000 plays on his Soundcloud page. Throughout the years, he has made over 50 award winning Bhangra mixes for more than 12 teams within the Bhangra circuit. Notable teams he has worked with include, Anakh-E-Gabroo (AEG), Nachde Shokeen Gabroo (NSG), The Michigan Bhangra Team (MBT), Buckeye Bhangra, and Alamo City Bhangra (ACB). Outside of Bhangra, Sargam is currently a Business Analyst Specialist at NASDAQ located at the company headquarters in the New York Financial District. His interests outside of music and Bhangra include traveling, financial markets, investment strategies, reading, and meeting individuals with more to offer than simple small talk.